Our Produce


We love researching and selecting varieties of vegetables that will offer the best combination of flavour, texture and appearance. As well as growing many European favourites we like to hunt out more exotic and unusual crops from places like Japan and Tasmania. We grow as much as possible out in the fields, where surviving the elements gives the veggies the best flavour and nutritional value. We use polytunnels for our more delicate plants, including a heated polytunnel that allows us to bring on warm climate crops in the depths of British winter.

Our range of produce is constantly changing with the season, from unusual Andean tubers  to stunning Italian radicchios to heirloom tomatoes. We always aim to provide our customers with a diverse and exciting choice of veggies for their culinary adventures.



We are thrilled that so many beautiful salad leaves thrive in the British climate. At Flourish, we specialize in growing an abundance of young leaves, some of which are seasonal, and others  available throughout the year. Our salads are handpicked at dawn each morning when their leaves are at their best, to give you exceptional freshness and unrivaled shelf life. 


Flowers and Garnishes

We really enjoy growing flowers and herbs on the farm. Not only are they extraordinarily beautiful, but they are delicious too. Our polytunnels and raised beds are home to fragrant and beautiful edible flowers that can add unusual taste or texture to any dish. 



Alpine strawberries and other soft fruit will be coming this summer...