The Produce

...only a few hours between the vegetables leaving the ground and arriving at the chefs’ kitchens
— Calixta Killander, Flourish Produce founder and farmer


Flourish Produce specialises in growing for chefs. We work with some of the industry’s best establishments and strive to produce ingredients that are hard to source elsewhere. We offer a large selection of vegetables and herbs grown to be as delicious and flavourful as possible. We only work directly with our customers to ensure that they have a close relationship with the farm and the seasonal produce in our fields.


Every product we grow is picked to order. Usually this means that there are only a few hours between the vegetables leaving the ground and arriving at the chefs’ kitchens. We have developed harvesting techniques that enhance the flavour and texture and pay close attention to the appearance of our produce as we pick it.


We always aim to eliminate waste. In the event we end up with a surplus of a particular crop, we make it available for retail customers. If you’re passing by the farm, why not pop into our honesty shop, Flourish Provisions, and see what we have to offer. In addition we sell at Ely farmers market and would love for you to visit us there every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month.


Sustainability is at the core of everything we do, including our packaging. We are very conscious of our impact on the environment. We always try to reduce the use of plastic in our packaging and use reusable alternatives when ever possible.


If you’d like to buy our produce please get in touch using the form below or contact us directly on +44 (0) 7738 239 701 or drop us a line on

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We take great care in selecting the crops that we grow on the farm. Here are some of the highlights.


Heritage vegetables


We let the region’s seasons dictate our vegetable offerings and select varieties that are as delicious as possible. We source our seeds from all over the world and are constantly trialling new crops in search of something exceptional. We grow many European favourites as well as unusual plants from further afield, such as Japan, Peru and Syria. We prefer to grow things in the fields, where the exposure to the elements enhances their flavour, but for our more tender crops that need a bit more care and protection, we utilise reclaimed poly tunnels. This indoor space is an important part of our farm allowing us to offer crops even in the depths of winter.


There are so many beautiful salad leaves that thrive in the British climate. We specialize in growing an abundance of young leaves, some of which are seasonal, and others which are available throughout the year. Our salads are handpicked at dawn each morning when their leaves are at their best, to give you exceptional freshness and unrivalled shelf life. 


Flowers and Garnishes

We love growing flowers on the farm for a multitude of reasons. Not only are they extraordinarily beautiful but they are delicious too. Our flowers are harvested early in the morning before the strong sunshine touches their petals, so they last as long as possible.


Herb Garden

We grow a large number of herbs, from British kitchen garden favourites to some that you have to try to believe. Our herbs are grown outside in the elements, where the stress of weather fluctuations enhance their aroma and flavour. The smells alone have made harvesting in the herb garden one of the most popular activities on the farm.