Working Horses

Our heavy horses Bill and Ben provide the power for all of our field work. The equipment used on the farm was imported from our Amish friends in Sugar Creek, Ohio. Although this might make us look like a historical farm these are in fact amazing pieces of engineering, and mean we can cultivate more land, more quickly, bringing you a wider range of delicious crops than would be possible by hand or tractor.  

We're one of the only farms in the UK to use horses. We chose this approach because we believe it's good for the environment, as well as enjoying their company. We use much less fossil fuel this way, and their feet are gentler on the land than a heavy tractor, giving our veggies better beds to grow in. They are also an excellent source of organic fertilizer! 



Sustainable Farming 

We’re passionate about sustainable farming, and put this at the heart of all our growing. We grow green manures and make our own compost so that we don’t have to buy in commercial fertilizer. We use almost no engine power to farm, so we minimise our fossil fuel use and don’t put exhaust fumes near the crops. Bill and Ben plough, seed and weed, and when the work is too delicate for them we use hand tools to get in there ourselves.