With a steady temperament and calm demeanor, Bill is unfazed by anything. He is extremely hardworking and has great stamina even in the heat of the summer. Though he is not work shy, he rewards himself regularly by snacking at any available opportunity which keeps our hedges trim!  

When off duty Bill enjoys grazing, rubbing on gate posts and, ever the opportunist, drinking coffee from neglected mugs around the stables. 




Ben's long blonde mane would give Brigitte Bardot a run for her money and his graceful mannerisms remind one of a dressage horse. However, he turned down many  modeling opportunities in favour of a meaningful career on the farm. He has incredible endurance and finesse, and easily keeps up with his bigger partner. 

Though very inquisitive, Ben can be rather shy and unsure of new people. Once he knows you, He enjoys a cuddle when he is not too busy relaxing in the water meadow. His favorite food is thistle flowers.    

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Calixta earned a BA in Sustainable Agriculture and Forest Management in the USA and spent 6 years working on organic farms in North Carolina, Massachusetts and Hawaii, learning from many different growers and mentors. She met Bill and Ben whilst visiting her family in England and was given the amazing opportunity to partner with them to start Flourish.

Calixta is a passionate traveller, she enjoys searching out obscure vegetables and culinary treasures from different cultures and climates to grow on the farm. 




Having previous experience on organic farms, Clare decided to move to Flourish in August 2017 in order to understand how horse-powered farming can work for business as well as the environment. She has been perfecting her skills in the art of nurturing and harvesting the finest produce for our chefs. The Floral Salad that is adored by so many is Clare's very own creation. Previous to farming she worked in Public Relations in London and enjoyed the outstanding diversity of the food scene in the city. She is particularly interested in East Asian food and loves cooking these dishes and experimenting with the delicious Flourish produce.